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of what republicans did during the george w. bush year. it was actually a negative job growth. but he gets to just sort of toss this out there. and in our fast-paced media environment, very few of us challenge it point by point. and he puts himself forward as this successful businessman with a magical elixir, which is why the obama campaign is aggressive in trying to get the ba capital stuff out. there the outsourcing and outshoring. in this period of time, it's a race to frame romney in the eyes of the american people. >> part of this is about defining what we mean when we say successful businessman. i have an appreciation for small business people. i was thinking about black community folks who owned funeral homes and barbershops and bultty salons. folks start with little capital and make something. i have enormous respect for that and feel like we can learn a lot from folks on that. that is not what bain is and the businessman story of mitt romney is. >> this tells you wha his vision is. his vision of the economy is the vision of having a bunch of really powerful, really concentrated co
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)